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How to Get Tutoring Online

Step 1:

Click on TUTOR REQUEST FORM to download form that you will email to Susan Roberts.

Step 2:

Your instructor must refer you to tutoring. Click on TUTORING REFERRAL FORM to download a form that you will email to your instructor.

Step 3:

Once you have set up an online tutoring appointment you will be added to a Virtual Tutoring Site in Blackboard.  You will access this through logging onto Blackboard and selecting Virtual Tutoring Site at the main menu. 

Step 4: Log-on to the Virtual Tutoring Blackboard Site.
Step 5:

Click on COLLABORATION, click on JOIN under the session name virtual chat.

Step 6:

You will see the Launching Chat Tool page.  You will need to load a Java Plug-in to access the chat window.  Click on download the Java Plug-in. You may want to do this now to avoid delays tutoring later.

Step 7:

Once the plug-in is completed you may need to reopen the COLLABORATION link to open the chat function.  If you are not able to log in at the time the instructor is meeting with you, please call or email the instructor to let them know.

Step 8:

You will be able to have a synchronous (real-time) dialog with the tutor.





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